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The brief version of my life in the past couple days:

On Wednesday, I left for work at two. About two-thirty, my grandmother got such a massively painful headache that she started to throw up, and for once in her life decided to call a doctor of her own free will. The doctor was going to send an ambulance, but grandma said her sister was home and could give her a ride (bonus life update for new people: yes my great aunt lives across the street and she thinks that means she never has to knock when she comes to visit).

The ER doctors called ma out of work at some point. She called me at work at five, to tell me that they were taking gram by ambulance to Dartmouth. Before you can say WHAT, WHAT'S DARTMOUTH? allow me to explain. The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center is our Level I trauma center, located two hours+ away by car down in the south of New Hampshire. Generally speaking, that means y'all are entirely and completely fucked up.


Ma told me what the doctors here had found out: Grandma had a bleed in her brain. Well. I kind of swore really loudly (thankfully I was in the back room and far from almost every human ear) and I went and told the manager, who just nodded and let me leave work immediately.

We got to the ER at DHMC at five of seven and told registration who we were. She said a volunteer would come and get us in a few minutes. Cousin and her kids showed up at five after. We waited an hour. Right after nine o'clock someone let us in: The person the nurse told to check on gram to see if she could have a visitor clocked out at seven and did not pass the message on. Dick move!!

We talked for awhile, they were going to move her into a real room and take another CT in the morning. She had plasma pushed and was given pain and nausea meds. They were going to see how things went before they decided whether or not to operate.

Tried to think about work the next morning, but the hospital called us with an update: A surgeon was looking at her new CT and she had been moved in the middle of the night to the Neuroscience Special Care Unit. Fearing this meant brain surgery was ACTUALLY GOING TO HAPPEN, we dropped everything and raced down there. Turns out she was moved just for observation, but she looked much more terrible than the night before, and we hung out there all morning and afternoon.

We spoke to several doctors, but they all wanted to wait and see if this wouldn't clear up on its own in a day or so. The bleeding had stopped, but the blood hadn't dispersed, the pressure of which on the brain was causing massive pain and nausea. It was a borderline amount, we were told? They didn't want to force her into a surgery they didn't need to. If things go south, they will take her under, but right now it is a wait and see game. 8(

I have spent so much time in the car traveling there that I am just sick of everything. UGH. UGH!! On the plus side the hospital cafeteria is pretty boss and they managed to drag me in on the perfect day, because I sort of forgave them for scaring us when I found out I was getting jambalaya.

... augh ma wants me to go back down today No I have plans I cannot stay at the hospital again all day and skip out on real life plans on my day off because I have missed everything and



ugh why is this having to happennnnn
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