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... and here is the work update I meant to do two weeks ago! LOVE ME ANYWAY

To start: I have a bitch of a supervisor. Just one! Out of five! Those odds are not actually that bad, when you consider it. Except that I usually wind up working with Boas because I don't know why. It just happens.

She always calls my breaks late. I know, I know, it's hard to keep track of time when you are the one person in the store whose position dictates that they stand around next to three different time clocks. But -- and here is the thing that makes this a 8| move -- she is the one who assigns all the break times in the morning anyway. Then she just ... doesn't call mine.

Just mine.

Whatever, I can deal with that. So she made me skip lunch a couple weeks in a row. So it took her an hour and a half longer than it should have to realize I needed the one break I was due that workday. I mean, I hate it, but I can deal.

Two weeks ago, I was called to the office, in the middle of my shift. I was pretty terrified, because -- SURPRISE -- that's pretty similar to how everyone else was fired from the company. And I kind of like having a paycheck.

So after some mind numbing terror and being led not to the main office, but the manager's private office (my mental state at the time: "OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD") and ... and then the assistant manager asked if I had considered becoming a department head. Getting a stabler job. Workin' better hours for more money.

I said yes, and the next day I was given a tour of my new department: Health & Beauty Care (HBC) / Stationary (this is totally one related department). As it happens, this was a Wednesday, which meant that they were giving me all the new signs to put up for the next week's sales; That's what Wednesdays are, in our store. Signing days.

Now yes, for the record, I was still on the schedule as a cashier. This is true. But Boas didn't seem to think it was real. She had decided I was just "helping" the assistant managers by agreeing to put up signs for them that day. She decided it all on her own, with no help or input from anyone else!

So every time I got near a location for a new sign, I was called back to register. I was called to my register every three minutes. No one else was called! Ever! JUST ME! Some of the other department heads were laughing, but one actually asked if I had even managed to get any work done. She'd seen me REACH FOR A SIGN just to get called back to register several times. In a row.


So! Boas has me on register, and the line is so large and we have a rush big enough to warrant her calling another DH up to help out. Okay! That is store policy. Whatever, right? WRONG! Because the line ended and he was handing the customer he had back their change. I had no one. Surely, this was a safe time to leave and return to the job I had been assigned!

Well, no. Obviously. I was called up three minutes later and giving a Stern Talking To from Boas. Her exact words were that I was "never allowed" to leave my register "if a department head is at his". "It doesn't matter if there's a line or not, Department heads get to leave first."

I was pretty damn pissed, but I just said "Fine, okay," thinking to myself "... whatever! Bitch! They told you I was doing this job BUT YOU DECIDED I WASN'T!"

I guess it finally got through her tremendously thick skull that I was an ACTUAL DEPARTMENT HEAD, because the next time we worked together she did not call me half as much. Though she never apologized for the reaming I got for trying to do my job.


Officially on the schedule as a DH, she has little power over me! ... Except that she still has all of it, because she assigns and calls all the breaks and was very willing to call me (but no one else) to register every ten minutes. I had to call out on Monday because of the weather (FOUR INCHES OF SUGARING SNOW ON THE ROAD DOES NOT SAFE DRIVING MAKE), so I was kind of in a hurry to finish and get my freight out.

I was called up and given yet another verbal reaming because of a pair of very stupid customers.

See, we topstock things if there isn't room on the shelves and ... there is no room in HBC. None. It is pretty famous for having three shelves of topstock in the backroom PLUS two shelves of it on the floor. It's all stuff that will EVENTUALLY be put out for sale, but can't yet because there is nowhere to put it.

So the customers say the unit price on a box of Huggies ($2.49 for each item in the box, eight items in the box) up on TOPSTOCK. They dragged two of them down and demanded Boas give them that price for the whole box.

I was yelled at because the box was incorrectly labeled for individual sale!


Eventually one of our assistant managers came over and informed Boas that no, the box has the red sticker and T mark of topstock and that this was the fault of the customer, and not me. She did not apologize after leaning this, but she did take me aside to say "It's fine, I know what happened."

... and even with all the dickery I managed to get through 95% of my freight and get it on the shelves. Fuckerrrrs. The only thing I didn't put out were tissues I had opened and TAKEN TO THE FLOOR but then I was called to register a half dozen times and didn't get to, plus some items for topstock that I couldn't reach to put up and did not have sufficient time to find the ladder.

And then the guest worker at the store (I ... have no idea what his actual position is, but he is a giant bamf) came and walked my departments with me, as a manager/assistant manager is supposed to do every day. He complimented meee ;; He said HBC had never been that neat. He pointed out some empty shelves I had, but he understood that with the freight and "the way that woman keeps calling you up to cashier" that I had not had time to fill in the holes in stationary.

So pretty much yesterday was the first day I actually felt confident about my job at all.


And for the record, Boas is just ... I don't even know what. She always rubs everyone the wrong way? But sometimes she and I get along very well! And other times I IMAGINE THROWING HER THROUGH THE HATCHET DISPLAY! It bothers me, because I know I am the one of the three persons who get along with her best when she is not In A Mood. Or being her secret identity caped bitch crusader self, anyway.

If you read this whole thing I guess I could give you an internet pony.
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